About Us

About Us:

Five decades of experience

۱۹۷۰: Ramo company was establish in 1972. And started its production in 1975. Operating with two production lines, many products including baskets, soft drink boxes, cases and etc was produced and launched in the market.

۱۹۸۰: With the growing market and overwhelming efficiency in production, Ramo company signed an exclusive contract with Alibert France to produce a wide range of furniture to both cover domestic market and to export to Europe.

Enjoying high quality production, latest molds and designs from France, Ramo soon became the leader in the production of plastic furniture in middle east.

۱۹۹۰: With the booming economy of Iran during this period, Ramo entered in production of high tech industrial parts. Plastic parts in monitors, TVs and other Home Appliances we produced with industrial precision.

۲۰۰۰: As a standout manufacturing company in Iran, Ramo began producing over 40 different parts for Peogout, Iran Khodro and Saipa parts which are the biggest Automobile Manufacturers in Iran.

Now: In the past couple of years, Ramo have shifted its attention on its Research & Development by focusing on Nano Technologies, Industrial Design and Its state approved Laboratories to offer different type of services to local producers and to maintain its export value to other countries.

Our objectives have always been to receive customer satisfaction and to offer high quality products. Therefore by investing in our R&D, Quality Control, Industrial Design departments we have maintained our position to continue taking advantages of latest market developments including Nano plastics to offer our clients the most reliable and consistent services in different fields.

Production Facilities:

Using wide range of production lines from the leading injection machineries around the world, we can produce almost any product related to injection molding. In the table below a list of our injection machineries are available:

ROW Company Name Manufacturing Country Clamping
Force (KN)
Mould Height
Space Between Tie Bars
۱ HAITAI SINGER China ۲۰۰۰ ۹ kg ۸۰-۱۶۲ ۱۶۵*۱۵۰
۲ HAITAI SINGER China ۱۴۰۰ ۷kg ۶۰-۱۴۰ ۱۳۱*۱۳۰
۳ KRAUSS MAFFEI Germany ۱۲۵۰ ۶kg ۷۵-۱۲۵ ۱۱۵*۱۱۵
۴ KRAUSS MAFFEI Germany ۱۲۵۰ ۵kg ۷۵-۱۲۵ ۱۱۵*۱۱۵
۵ HAITAI SINGER China ۱۲۰۰ ۵٫۷kg ۴۵-۱۲۰ ۱۲۲*۱۱۰
۶ HAITAI SINGER China ۱۰۰۰ ۳٫۵kg ۴۰-۱۱۰ ۱۰۰*۱۱۸
۷ WINDSORE Germany ۶۵۰ ۱kg ۵۵-۸۰ ۸۰*۸۰
۸ KRAUSS MAFFEI Germany ۶۰۰ ۳٫۵kg ۴۵-۸۰ ۸۱*۸۱
۹ KUASY Germany ۴۴۰ ۱kg ۳۵-۷۰ ۶۳*۶۳
۱۰ KRAUSS MAFFEI Germany ۳۵۰ ۱kg ۲۶-۶۴ ۶۳*۶۳
۱۱ HAITAI SINGER China ۲۵۰ ۶۰۰g ۳۰-۵۰ ۵۸*۵۸
۱۲ PM Iran ۱۷۵ ۳۰۰g ۲۵-۴۰ ۴۰*۴۰
۱۳ ENGEL Austria ۱۱۰ ۳۰۰g ۲۲-۴۰ ۴۱*۴۱
۱۴ KUASY Germany ۱۰۰ ۲۰۰g ۲۲-۳۵ ۳۶*۳۶